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Course Description

Also available in French

This course will take you through all aspects of modern Site Reliability Engineering. These principles and practices of effective SRE go from simple deployment to Continuous Delivery & Verification with Observability based SLO Engineering and Operations Efficiency.

With a shared passion for driving innovation and a wealth of experience, our experts are poised to show how our training program aligns perfectly with industry best practices, preparing you to adopt and implement Effective SRE in your projects.

Effective SRE Bootcamp

CHF 2,250.00

  • 3 days / 9:00-17:00

  • November 29-30 & December 1, 2023.

  • Online

  • English

  • Professional

Meet Your Trainer

Simeon Jackman is a highly analytical and communicative Data & AI Consultant with a Master’s in Software Engineering focused on Machine Learning, from Linköping University, Sweden.
Born and raised in Basel, Switzerland, he has several years of international experience in planning, developing, operationalizing, and managing Machine Learning projects from end to end.

Additionally, he has experience in IT consulting for small, medium, and large enterprises. In this context, he enjoys supporting people and organizations in understanding the key principles and concepts behind Digitalization, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning and how to leverage their potential, ideate use cases, and implement solutions. At Digital Innovation Academy, Simeon is one of our key trainers, possessing extensive real-life experiences, strong communication skills, and a natural talent for transferring knowledge.

Simeon Jackman

Day 1 - Module "Effective SRE Fundamentals, best practices & culture"

  • Introduction to Training and Philosophy
  • Digital Highway Blueprint
  • Effective SRE: Principles & Challenges
  • DevOps Culture
  • Fundamentals of Cloud Native Apps: Containers and microservices

Day 2 - Module "SLIs, SLOs & Operations Efficiency"

  • Monitoring from the Past to the Future
  • Observability Monitoring and Automation
  • Service Level Objectives (SLOs) and Service Level Indicators (SLIs)
  • Operations Efficiency Dashboards
  • Error budget

Day 3 - Module "Continuous Delivery (CD), Pipelines & Continuous Verification (CV)

  • Continuous Integration and Delivery
  • How to Build Pipelines
  • Continuous Verification (CV) in CD Pipelines
  • How to implement CV & Rollback

What you will learn?

Essentially you learn how to effectively apply SRE hard and soft skills in your work and architecture.

  1. Understand what SRE is, why it is important and learn how it can be applied in practise with the Digital Highway for Software Delivery.
  2. Learn how to understand the inner working of your application in production through applying SLO engineering principles and Observability.
  3. Learn how to continuously deliver software into production and how to embrace the shift right paradigm through Continuous Verification and Rollbacks 3.

Your profile

  • Software engineers
  • DevOps engineers
  • System engineers
  • ML Architects


This training program is designed for the participants who possess the following skills:

  • Software Engineering skills (OOP, Scripting, ad ac code,…)
  • System Engineering skills (OS, Network, Deployment, Security, Monitoring,…)
  • Advantageous: Performance Analysis, Release Engineering, APM/Infra Monitoring Distributed/ Reliable Architect Design


Upon completion of this training program, you will be awarded a Certificate of Attendance, jointly issued by Machine Learning Architects Basel and our Digital Innovation Academy, recognizing your successful completion of the course.

If you prefer to enroll to this Bootcamp in French, please visit our French SRE Bootcamp page for more information and enrollment options.