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Course Description

Dive deep into the revolutionary realm of DevOps, enhanced and augmented with Machine Learning (ML) techniques. Our comprehensive ML for DevOps course aims to empower DevOps professionals with the skillset needed to harness ML algorithms and techniques, automating and streamlining DevOps processes.

ML for DevOps

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  • Opening in 2024

  • Online

  • English

  • Professional

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Module 1 : Introduction To ML For DevOps

  • Introduction to machine learning
  • Why ML for DevOps

Key Learnings

  • Understand the importance of applying Machine Learning on DevOps
  • Understand a lifecycle of Machine Learning project

Module 2 : Machine Learning Concepts

  • Regression (Algorithms: Linear regression, Ridge, Lasso , ElasticNet, Decision Tree, kNN)
  • Evaluation metrics: MSE, RMSE, R^2, Adjusted R^2. Features selection: Recursive Features Elimination
  • Time series (Algorithms: AR, MA, ARMA, ARIMA, Prophet facebook. Statistical tests: ADF, KPSS)
  • Dimensionality reduction: (PCA)
  • Classification (Algorithms: kNN, Logistic Regression, Decision Tree, Random Forest, SVM)
  • Evaluation metrics: Accuracy, Recall, Precision, F1-score, ROC curve.)

Key learnings

  • understand and learn how to use Machine Learning concepts

Module 3 : Machine Learning Labs For DevOps

  • Regression  Lab
  • Classification Lab
  • Clustering Lab
  • Time Series Lab

Key learnings

  • Build and compare end-to-end ML models for service reliability prediction
  • Build and compare end-to-end ML models for service quality classification and clustering
  • Build and compare end-to-end ML models for EC2 CPU utilization forecasting

What you will learn?

Help professionals in DevOps field to use ML techniques and algorithms to automate and optimize DevOps processes as well as predict and

prevent potential issues before they occur.

Benefits: Allow DevOps teams to leverage the insights generated by ML models to make informed decisions about how to optimize and improve their processes (quality, speed, agility and cost effectiveness).

Your profile

  • DevOps engineers
  • Software Researchers interested in DevOps & machine learning fields


This training program is designed for the participants who possess the following skills:

  • Python
  • Being Comfortable with command Line
  • Prior programming experience (at least 1+year)


Upon completion of this training program, you will be awarded a Certificate of Attendance, jointly issued by Machine Learning Architects Basel and our Digital Innovation Academy, recognizing your successful completion of the course.